Ian Cryer is a West Country based Artist best known for his Oil Paintings of Landscape, Railways, interiors and Characters. His style has evolved as a result of many years working directly from life, this has given his work a freshness and spontaneity that are the hallmarks of his work. Although he does not like to be restrained by labels or a rigid working method "British Impressionism" is a cap that fits in many ways and  English painters from the early 20th century but especially the 1930's are very much an influence on his work. 



This year I have been Working on a number of portraits and continuing my love affair with the landscape of the west country. I am busy organising events with the ROI in an effort to get us out and engaged more with the public and each other. Working with my esteemed colleagues and our friends is a great stimulus. I always focus better when I am arround people, I do not accept the idea of painting as an thing essentially  carried out in isolation. We have a Cornish weekend coming up and we have also been running regular life painting sessions in london.


I am looking to return more frequently to teaching painting through our masterclass series, Writing for Art magazines is also taking up more and more of my time, writing is an area I plan to develop greatly moving ahead. 


 If you are interested in tuition or would like to join us then get intouch at iancryer@live.co.uk for more details.   


 My pattern tends to be circular, revisiting favourite themes which I find refreshing and prevents me getting stale. London Suburban Railways and the Great Western Mainline ahead of Electrification is one theme I am also working on at the moment.



Painting Demonstration at Clevedon Sailing Club

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